Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

Christoph Stephan wrote:

SirLataxe wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

I dont give a damn about other people.

See how easy that was?


There is no need to inform anyone of this obvious facet of your peculiar nature.  Your "don't-give-a-damn-about-you" attitude is all too evident from your hysterical outbursts and squeak-fits!

While not giving a "damn about other people" is not a heathy attitude in general life, it is a healthy attitude when choosing what to buy for yourself.

One size does not fit it all. Buy what suits you best and be happy with what you have. Live and let live!

I think "ratty mouse" is riled up with all the proselytizing proclaimers of a mirrorless here, who constantly tell us here that our DSLRs are "dinosaurs" and only EVF is the future.

SirLataxe, who leaves his DSLR elsewhere all the time, which is easy when one has not been gulled into buying one (along with the 47 "essential" accoutrements).

Your choice. I am very happy with my DSLR and its 47 accoutrements" which I choose according to my needs on each trip, and which open up more creative possibilities.

Glad we have choices. One size does not fit all.

Mr Stephan,

Quite so - horses for courses.  Nevertheless....

As I live in a very scenic area and go out every day either walking the collies or for a bicycle ride, I like to take a camera on each and every trip, even when the weather is wet & horrid.  It's surprising how often one comes across a scene or moment worth recording as a prosthetic memory.

Once upon a time, in the olden days when cameras worked from steam rather than batteries, I had a Pentax SLR & 3 primes.  These didn't go out on a daily basis, especially on the bicycle (one is wary of damaging them with sweat, sprinting-effort or even falling-off) as they were too cumbersome to cart unless one had a premeditated photo task in mind.

These days I have a Samsung Ex1 and a Panasonic waterproof/shockproof thing.  The EX1 is the usual walkabout camera as it has a fast WA lens, articulating screen and other attributes that make it ideal for photographing landscapes, flora detail and even collie-antic.  The Panasonic goes instead if it's horrid weather.  Both fit easily in the anorak pocket and can be out and capturing the photons in seconds.

Would I take a DSLR out daily if I had one? Even a-one of those waterproof Pentax items is still too bulky for the anorak pocket.  Also, I can't afford it or it's many bits & pieces, particularly the WA f1.8 lens.  Do I miss the better IQ of a DSLR?  Not really as it's astounding what one may achieve with RAW from a camera like the Samsung EX1. But then my photographic ambitions are not vast (2D reality snippets will do me).

Personally I feel DSLRs are fine for professionals or serious amateurs who need their capabilities for specific tasks such as shallow DoF, cats in coalholes or fast-focus on cheetahs going full-pelt.  The vast majority of DSLR owners that I know personally don't seem to use these capabilities, generally having a not-too-good kit lens, the camera set on auto and no inclination to learn composition, exposure, post-processing or any of the other skills that make photographs better rather than worse.  These same owners rarely take their cameras out unless going to an event of some kind.

Why, then, did they buy one?  If one interrogates them they generally come up with a paraphrase of some advert or other, in which the claim is made that the high-tech camera will automatically confer a high tech skill on the bloke pressing it's shutter button.  We know, do we not, that this is not so. 

SirLataxe, not wanting a Porsche and wondering why other blokes seem to want one just to go up the road to the shop for their fags and cream cakes.

PS  Apologies for whopping at that rodent with a broom - I am hoping he will scurry off back behind his skirting board where he can dine on hard cheese.  One gets tired of seeing his small droppings all over the place.

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