NEX-6 and focusing on toddler??

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Re: Lens recommendations

With the 1650PZ lens, I think increasing the amount of light is your only solution indoors. Sometimes even turning on enough indoor lights and leaving shades/window blinds up in the daytime can be enough - but flash surely helps. Since you are just beginning this, my vote would be to try the built-in flash of the NEX first, not worrying about "redeye" or bounce flash. Shutter priority at 1/160 will help a lot. Be sure you hear the beep and see the green rectangle so you know the camera has locked focus!

If you (eventually) decide to get a faster lens - for indoor shots of a baby or toddler, I think my choice would be a 30 or 35mm lens. For adults using the APS-C sensor of the NEX, 35 or 50mm would be ideal, but for very small children 30mm works very well.

If you get the 50mm f1.8 - be sure to upgrade your camera's firmware to 1.01 and the lens firmware to v 2. I forgot to do that - very embarrassing error on my part!

Somewhat different thought on lenses -

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