I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

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Re: I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

tjensen wrote:

I agree regarding the JPG's, but for anyone on here shooting raw what are you using for conversion? I'm not having much luck, whether using the Fuji supplied Silkypix or the updated LR4.4 I see too many weird artifacts and strange color shifts in shadows etc. I might have to wait another round or two. Too bad, I love shooting with the XE-1 and the lenses are awesome.

As some other posters here have mentioned, Capture One is another option. I have used various software packages over the years, but Capture One has always been my first choice (although neglected for some years when I used LR exclusively, then retuned, if you like, to C1 when they released version 6, a totally new ballgame I found because of the rather natural rendering of subtle tonalities ... if that makes any sense?).

There is a trial version for both C1 Pro and C1 Express the download typically lets you chose at the startup what programme to use (on the day...).

Try SESSIONS, then just navigate to your folder and open a picture, either jpg, RAM or tiff, right click the folder and create a sub-folder, maybe call this CONVERTED or whatever makes sense to you. Then right click this folder and click Set as Output folder. The you are free to go to have a play with the excellent colour editor (check out advanced colour editing!) or hightlight and shadow recovery ...

Maybe a matter of tast as to what you personally might like, but sure worth a try IMO.

Catalog layout which is another option in C1 might be a tad too complicated, I personally like the option to keep everything in generic folders I create better than using a catalog database!

Screenshot is of C1 with the library open. All tools can be customised and freely arranged under your personal tab. YOu can then customise your workspace too, have one where you do conversions for 1000, 2000 or more pixel for web use, one for black and white etc. I use, like many others, C1 in dual monitor mode. If you have only one monitor you can use the F11 key to get full screen and then use shortcuts to show/hide tabs and tool, very much like Photoshop or Lightroom. Here is a screenshot where you could arrange the tools freely according to your workflow or simply personal taste!

The photo being edited is the one with the white frame around it, the full view was on the second monitor. The original, taken with a D70, was way too dark with blown highlights (like the giraffe in  the image above) The left hand side was way too dark, keep in mind though that I set those sliders for this screenshot only!

Good luck!


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