If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

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Re: If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

Wei Kelun wrote:

If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...I'd really love to hear your experiences. I know the basics, of course, that the 5Diii is full-frame, better in low light, more AF points, and has less noise; I know the 7D has better reach and a snappier (but more complicated) AF system that makes it great for action.

But I'm interested in hearing your personal observations and experiences if you owned a 7D and then added a 5Diii. Did one camera or the other suddenly become a backup? Or do you still take each one out for specific purposes? When you hold each camera, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What's the most meaningful difference to your work between the cameras? Do you see them as complimentary, or evolutionary?


Had the 7d for a couple of years and then bought the 5DIII when it came out. I do a lot of low light band photography and wanted the 5D for its great hi iso capability. That being said, I would not call the 7D a "backup", though I do use it as such some of the time. I still prefer the 7D for sport and wildlife because of the extra reach. The IQ in good light is comparable to my eye. I quite often will walk/drive with both - Long lens on the 7D and wide on the 5D especially in the country where I might come across nice wildlife while shooting landscapes.

The one thing I did notice is that if I take the 5D out in the streets a lot, it spends a lot of time with a 70-200 on it whereas the 7D would have spent more time with a 24-70... just suits my type of shooting I guess. Both are excellent cameras and I would consider them synergistic rather than one being a replacement for the other.

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