How big of an issue with dust for m4/3rd ?

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Re: GF1 & E-M5 user here

Prairie Pal wrote:

nofumble wrote:

Why didn't I see any self-cleaning provision in any of the camera spec. Why isn't it a problem for m4/3rd camera?

I have to agree with the others and report no issues yet, and I mean NONE.  I change lenses often, and often use cheap "ill-fitting" Nikon > M4/3 adaptors even with close-up tubes.  Once in a while I will give the sensor a blast with the blower just for good luck.  I can honestly say that after using M4/3 for 4 years I have not seen any foreign matter on my sensor, and I do alot of pixel peeping especially when I'm admiring the IQ from popping on legacy Nikon glass.  I have never done a wet cleaning on a M4/3 sensor.

I don't know if I'm just lucky or if the built in sensor shakers are just so effective... or what?

I will definatly give the E-M5 a close scrutiny before the warranty runs out, as I have heard that IBIS sensors should not be home cleaned.

I believe that my case would be much serious and not many people would normally be encountered.

My old G1 took a bath in a river by accident. When it was recovered, water came out everywhere from the body and the lens. Fortunately, the power was off when it happened. I took out the battery, using paper towel to dry the surface of the body and lens and wrapped it with a dry cloth. When back to hotel, a drawer on top the fridge just created a perfect warm room and the wet body and lens were placed there using towel to seal around the drawer to keep the temperature inside high. Of course it was far from boiling point. During such vaporizing sessions, the body and lens were taken out few times for an intensive cleansing. After 2 days, the camera could take picture again.

Back home it was taken to Panny Service Centre for inspection, and wished a deep cleansing since watermark were left on the sensor surface as well as on various glass surface inside the barrel of the zoom lens (luckily all photo taken thereafter seen normal). Unfortunately, due to a rusty circuit, service centre declared my camera + lens dead and were beyond repairing.

Fortunately, although a few watermark are still there, my camera still work fine (although a back up was bought preparing for sudden death). Some strange behavior may occasionally be seen like certain button suddenly has no response, or the light meter stop functioning etc, which needs power off and on again, or take out the battery and put it back again for a fix.

The conclusion is that should we be 100% urged to play around with the sensor for just a few dust?

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