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Re: Safari advice

Hi Scott,

Once again depending where you are going, the dust thing may not be a major issue. If you are in Kruger NP, all the main roads are tar, so the vehicle is not generating a lot of dust. The link roads are all dirt, and then there is quite a bit of dust. In KNP if I am in an open vehecle, I just cover my camera with a jacket or something like that travelling, and never had a hssle. It is changing lenses that I think is a problem, which is why I keep a medium/ long zoom on most of the time - or why a second body is great. In many places you will have animals in the road, and in fact far too close for even a 70 - I have been down to 30 quite often. But the birds are superb, so a long lens there for sure. Just a tip on the open vehicle. If it is full, try to sit in the first or second row. The third ( back ) row is out over the back axle, and acts a bit like a catapult, so if people move in the vehicle, the movement is exagerated. The view is best out the back, but not best  for pics.

If you are going to the Kalahari, then definitely plastic bags, change lenses inside a clean bag, and clean everything every night. The dust can be like talcum powder - watch the Top Gear Africa edition Edition!!.

If you do know where you are going and when, you can get hold of me, and I will try to tell you some of the best places and hides to get the best pics. If your time is limited, you need it all.

Cheers, and all the best.


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