Focusing screen not square (450d/XSi)

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Re: If ultra wide, could be distortion

rsn48 wrote:

I asked because if you had been shooting in the ultra wide range, disortion is the order of the day.  But you weren't shooting in that focal range.

I'm not going to get that sort of extertion even with my 10-22 at 10mm.

To me it is just normal problems with hand holding.  I recognize it because I do it so much.  I shoot very fast often and as a result I get tilted images, many of them. I just fix them in post production, easy to do, take seconds.

There's nothing wrong with your camera.

I think you have not understood my issue.  The dots I see through the viewfinder line up exactly with the bars.  I have mistakenly used these to help align vertical and horizontal only to get home and find that I'm a couple of degrees out.  This is not a hand holding problem.  When I have aligned using a tripod I get the same result.  Put another way, if you look at the original image, the dots would not fit in the centre of the squares at the extremes.  If it was easy to rotate the focusing screen by 2deg then they would align.

Next time I take an image of say a building I will align the leftmost point below the horizon and the rightmost point above the horizon unless anyone has a better suggestion.

Or use the live view grid if I'm on a tripod.

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