Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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corny ads

I had to switch off my ad-blocker then visit a few forum pages to find it, thanks.

Ad links here for me:


The direct link to the YouTube video on that page is:


What a corny and so-obviously scripted advertisement.

Obviously trying to push the "size" angle and "not a crappy phone" angle with extremely unnatural and scripted "interviews".

* We have the stereotypical dad-with-young-kid.

* We have the "fits in my bag" and "remembers the exact time she saw the sunrise" lady

"Perfect size!" "fits in my bag" (scratches in my bag too!)

* We have the "artistic brotha!" advertising the in-bult effects.

We have subtitles too, just in case we missed something

We have Olympus calling customers "consumers" in perfect marketing speak.

We have scripted interviews that have passed through 12 layers of marketing

We have statistics leading us to the ad, made-up on the spot

Olympus should have considered this statistic before releasing several generations of Four Thirds DSLR. It could have saved them many billions of yen

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