NO TOUCH ZOOM feature of my EF-S 15-85mm

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Re: NO TOUCH ZOOM feature of my EF-S 15-85mm - UPDATE after 3 years

My 15-85mm doesn't creep when slanted downward, but it will creep if the lens is pointed straight up. It begins to creep at 50mm. See if your lens doesn't creep with this test. Point the camera straight up with the lens extended to 85mm, then turn the zoom ring to 50mm and let go. Does the lens creep down? Mine does. Try pointing the camera straight down. Mine will begin to creep as I go from wide angle and then at about 35mm it wil creep downward. In all practicality it makes no difference to my shooting style since I don't shoot straight up or down. Well maybe it's a problem if shooting a flower straight down at 35mm. I would have an issue with the lens if it did creep when only slanted up or down. I find the lens pretty sharp and am very happy with it.

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