Wife Dropped My 2 Week Old RX100 :(

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Liz Z.
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Re: Wife Dropped My 2 Week Old RX100 :(

Enir4 wrote:

Liz Z. wrote:

cmc1 wrote:

Never mind, it's only a little camera. There was once a time (probably 1950's) where she would have felt the back fo your hand for that.

Only joking. Just get the RX1 and tell her It's the latest RX100.

Wife slapping-- such an amusing reference.

These wives-- so easy to fool 'em! You can go out and buy a fancy $3000 camera, 'cause they won't know the difference between that and a $600 one anyway.

Yeah, I know, where's my sense of humor?

Liz, you are absolutely right, and I apologize for participating in the stupid stereotype.

Ashamed and very sincereley sorry,


Thank you, Enrique. I sincerely appreciate your response--truly.

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