Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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what do we expect a first grader to be able to do?

NancyP wrote:

MaxTux, are you expecting that first-grader to get out with a 500mm f/4 and SLR to shoot original images?

The answer is, I guess, pretty obvious: no, I don't.

Consequently, we should ask ourselves: what exactly is the purpose of such an image in a first-grader's homework? Who and why expects this picture to be present in it?

If I am correct, such picture contributes absolutely nothing to the skill development of that first grader, it is there merely because legions of teachers blindly follow Alice's preferences ("...and what is the use of a book [] without pictures..."). They do so without giving any thought to the upside (if any?) versus downside (as I believe it to be - see my previous posts) of the unreasonable expectations (mirror lens and a tripod heavier than the kid?) placed on that first-grader. Indeed, most of the participants in this discussion would, I propose, do well to answer for themselves the question opening this post.

One last thing before I retire from the thread: I do agree with those that believe that possible formal, legal, copyright violation (regardless of the source of the image!) is, is this instance, of such minuscule weight that it is not even wort addressing. It is not one case of transgression against a particular image author that I consider important here: what I believe is important and worth discussing, is the role of an educational system in developing ethics, and the means to do it.


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