Off-brand battery chargers for the LI90: any problems?

Started May 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Thank you. Imortant but:

Outwardly the LI50 and LI90 batteries look alike.

In fact, when I first got my XZ2, I assumed they were identical and tried an LI50 in it.

It worked.

But when I realized a different battery was specified in the manual, I called Olympus who told me the batteries did indeed have different specs.

Now here's something that might justify you using the LI50 charger: The in-camera battery charger that comes with the XZ2 and the XZ1 are identical!

But: could there be circuitry in the XZ2 that adapts the LI90 to the same charger as the LI50?

I couldn't talk to anyone at Olympus who seemed to really know anything besides the battery specs, but someone must have a definitive answer.

I just waited six weeks to get my XZ2 repaired by Olympus (nothing to do with the battery) so I am inclined to be cautious. If the same in-wall charger did both batteries, wouldn't B&H just change the battery's description? Or if they want to sell you a second charger, where the hell is it? Why is it on the web but not in the store?

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