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condensed manual part two?

Glad you found Part One helpful. This camera definitely has a learning curve, and I have actually benefited from that.

Part one was for myself and my friend Sue who lives in Florida. Sony's 206 page manual is a disgrace as you all know. I started it before I got the camera, it was winter, newness was exciting.

I like (need) a printed manual with underlines, circles and arrows in my red ink for initial learning and rapid reference to key things in the future.

Condensed was fundamental so I/we could print something (only 11 pages) with all the basics while learning the camera and I could refer to ' page 3, ...'   successfully while on the phone with her.

Part One worked for me and Sue, and it seems all who have asked for it seem to find it useful as an initial learning tool.

Once I learned all the basics, I still was not successful, until:

1. learned and set up the Fn button, (personally selected 7 item menu)

2. changed to S mode from my habitual P mode (rx100 P and both Auto modes use 1/30th shutter speed way too often for me.

Now I can change my 7 item settings on the fly with one button press, set shutter speed for my needs, and get consistently sharp shots. I use M mode successfully also now. It is a miniature marvel.

Actually, I just take it everywhere, use it, quite happy, (except miss 24mm wide, and swivel LCD. wifi would be nice.

As for Part Two, I don't know what it would be. I never went back to Sony's manual, or even looked at the copy of Friedman's rx100 guide I have.

Keeping Condensed as key, what is needed beyond the basics?


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