Got Flowers? VOLUME 3

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Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments and to everyone who stopped by

BabuRick wrote:

“….. I'm curious about the pink pansy in the yellow sea - was it a gardener's mistake? “

I've always noted that in a field of flowers there are always volunteers. Resident plant or planted by the wind or birds or... However, this question is interesting when I note that this is a Botanical Garden and their beds are usually homogeneous...and Pansy's are raised in the green houses and replanted in these beds and volunteers tend to them daily, so maybe an accident, one over looked, or a mischievous volunteer.. .. I really can't say But, then I confess that my wife is the gardener and I only take pictures of the flowers … but again, if I keep at it maybe I'll learn... Thanks for the question.

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