Lens for landscape photography with Full Frame?

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Re: Lens for landscape photography with Full Frame?

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I have the 24f2.8IS and it's a really nice lens.  The colors, contrast, micro contrast, flare control, and saturation are top notch.  The IS comes in handy for low light landscape or interiors where you don't have a tripod.  Here is a link to a review.  The 28F2.8IS is very similar and a bit cheaper.  Here are some shots with the 24F2.8IS (all hand held).

Collett,  Great Photos!  Just curious to know if you used a polarizer filter and/or Graduated ND filter for any of those photos?  Tremendous color and balance.  I just bought the 24 2.8 IS primarily to use for landscapes, architecture and indoors when traveling.  I'm curious if a polarizer filter is a good match for this lens?  Or, is 24mm (on Full Frame), pushing the limits a bit to much for a polarizer?

Many thanks.  Yes, 24mm on FF is pushing it for using a polarizing filter.  That said, I believe I did use one on shots 3-5 (definitely on # 5).  The problem however is that you often need to crop the corners from the very strong 'vignetting' caused by the filter under many conditions (depends on angle of the light - and happens often when a polarizer is normally most effective).

I am guessing that the fov of 24mm needs to be cropped to 28mm or narrower when using a polarizing filter.  I bought a 'normal' BW circular polarizing filter before I knew they apparently make thinner ones that reduce the vignetting affect.  You might want to check on this because I don't know how effective they are.

I should also mention that I believe shots 3 and 4 are HDR's performed in camera on the 5dIII.  I am able to hand hold and sometimes get some good HDRs if the SS is fast enough and there are no people or other moving objects for the HDR shots.

I had my new ND set in the bag when I took these, but I had a couple of other people with me and did not want to screw around with using them Sometimes its better to just shoot alone, but not always practical when one is traveling

Thanks for all of the info!  I've ordered a couple of sizes a B+W polarizer to test with the 24 2.8 IS.  One is a 58mm thread size and the other is a 67mm (Along with a 58-67 step-up ring for the 67mm filter).  Both are normal thickness MRC versions (not the thin versions).   If the 57mm causes vignetting and the 67mm version does not.....I'll probably go with the 67.  The reason I'm testing the 67mm......I'm strongly considering also picking up the 35 2.0 IS ....if the prices ever drop! It has 67mm threads....so could use the filter on both.  My ND Grad is a 4x6 Lee rectangular that I hand hold.....so not an issue there.

I've heard that the B&H thin filters do not have front threads making it tough to attach a lens cap...haven't done a lot of research though.

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