I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

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Re: I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

Ben Herrmann wrote:

For years I've been shooting only RAW with countless brands of digital cameras that I've owned since 2001 (well, those that had RAW capabilities) - the total of which approached nearly 90 (since 2001).  My reasoning (and it still holds true in most cases) is that I can coax much higher quality out of RAW files than with JPG's.  Even with the gorgeous Olympus JPG's, I still shot RAW.  I had my RAW workflow down to a T.

Well, I've been reading with interest over the past year or two about the absolutely silky, superb JPG's that the X series of cameras are capable of generating.  So what the heck, I tried it in JPG fine (Provia mode).  All I can say is that I'm hooked - especially after reading the DPReview review comments about RAW not having much of an advantage over the X-E1 JPG's.  Yes, the rich, creamy (for lack of a better term) and superbly DR images are a revelation.  In a way, this kind of torques me off at the same time because previously, I was dishing out a bundle for micro 4/3 cameras and accessories.  I can't believe that for me - a victim of habit - I will now shoot only JPG's with the X-E1.  Mannnn, I'm stoked to the max - not to mention, a doubling of the amount if images I can shoot on one 16 Gig card!!!!!  

Now to budget for additional X series lenses - and am now fully hooked to the Fuji camp.  Damn, I hate this (in a nice sort of way).

Sorry - I just felt that I had to blurt this out without much forethought!  

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

I agree regarding the JPG's, but for anyone on here shooting raw what are you using for conversion? I'm not having much luck, whether using the Fuji supplied Silkypix or the updated LR4.4 I see too many weird artifacts and strange color shifts in shadows etc. I might have to wait another round or two. Too bad, I love shooting with the XE-1 and the lenses are awesome.

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