Firmware and file formats?

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Re: "So there's a chance"...Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber

Jen Yates wrote:

Mateo Miller wrote:

5. Apple could update Aperture to include "layers" and probably grab some market share from Adobe.

Yeah because adding layers to aperture makes it a direct replacement for photoshop {roll's eyes}

6. Apple could also have a subscription service that says something like...If you buy Aperture we are going to give you free access to our videos tutorials and "imaging community".

{falls of chair}

You have no clue about cameras, software, Apple or business.

This thread reminds me of when Homer Simpson designed a car.

I'm so glad you don't get to decide what happens in the photography hardware and software space.

Hmmm Maybe this Mateo Miller guy hit it on the head.

Anyway - I don't really understand why Miller's points about pushing to have firmware options to enable users access to features to hardware they already own is met by the stance that "Why would they want to do that???'

Maybe to better serve their customers?? I dunno - seems like a reason. The Samsung move to open source - while they are not a real player yet - may open some eyes.

I subscribed only because the "You have no clue about..." was so sweeping in it's arrogance I found it breathtaking.  And he never said "Adding layers makes it a direct replacement"   It just makes it better.

Anyway and furthermore...

From an article by thom hogan Posted today...

"...I believe Adobe knows the risk they're taking. I also believe that some at Adobe are considering what to do about the individual photographer market they've upset. To that end, I have a proposed solution: create a new standalone "Photoshop" for Lightroom. That product doesn't need all the things that the current program has. Indeed, it should be more of a container for "extensions" that deal with pixel data (e.g. plug-ins). Give it the fixed Color Space of Lightroom and 16/32 bit data, give it the layers, alignment, and pixel-level tools, but leaveeverything else up to filters, scripts, and actions (i.e. fully define how the product is extended by plug-ins). Such a product is simply an extension of Lightroom, thus you sell it as Lightroom Pro (Lightroom + the extension).

Adobe knows how to do this type of project. It's exactly how they created Lightroom in the first place: get key developers together with enlightened photographers, then define the workflow, which in turn defines the feature set and interface. Then start coding. To bad they didn't start this project before the hoopla about Creative Cloud set in"

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