How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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I keep less than 5%

sethmarshall wrote:

This may seem like the wrong forum, but I want to make sure to separate this discussion from those who use smaller MP cameras (i.e. smaller file sizes) and also have advice from professionals who are used to having huge libraries.

Space isn't the issue, it's more I sometimes feel I have a hoarding issue, especially now that I have an infant.  I can't seem to delete anything except when the shot is clearly blown and unusable.  I'll still hold onto the alternate, the 3rd, the 4th, and everything in between.

The question is more of discipline with other photographers when permanently deleting photos.  How do you approach this?  Or is it common to keep it all?

I come from a background where I do not edit my photos.  I know how but professionally I take a ton and pass them off.  As a result I'm not disciplined in flagging, rating, and other tools to help make favorites accessible.  This may be why I feel my hoarding is an issue.

I honestly don't see the point of keeping repetitive shots or those that come cloe to being 'the one'. Sure you might have several TBs of space but do you have the time to look at them all?

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