How higher ISO 30D and 7D compare

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Re: 7D is much better

mariadc wrote:

I'd like to piggyback here for a moment, if you don't mind.  I've had a 30D for years and decided earlier this year to upgrade.  I got a 6D package deal from Best Buy.  I love the 6D (like, really love it), but since then, we've taken a closer look at our finances and I realized that I shouldn't be spending that kind of money on a camera right now.  I'm still within my return period, so I borrowed a 7D for a weekend from a friend and tried it out a couple of weeks ago.  I really wasn't happy with the noise, not for that kind of an upgrade ($$$).

Which leads me to another question as the return period on my 6D is nearing:  I have a chance to buy a 50D with very low shutter count for $425.  I've never shot with one and I don't think the person selling it is going to let me borrow it for a day or so.  It would be an improvement over the 30D and give me time to save up and buy something else in a year or two.  Maybe a 7D2 will be out, or I can still get a 6D then if I really want one.  The price should be lower on the 6D, and if not there should be some in refurb by then.

Thoughts on the 50D for now, vs something like a 60D or the 7D?

The 50D is a great camera. You almost double the number of megapixels from your 30D. The lens micro focus adjustment IMO is a must have. The camera performs well shooting sports though the AF system of the 7D is a nice step up. High ISO performance will fall somewhere between the 7D and the 30D, but, no where near that of the 6D.

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