How higher ISO 30D and 7D compare

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7D is much better

Ralph Arvesen wrote:

Does anyone know how the quality of higher ISO 30D and 7D compare (raw, not jpg)? I use the 30D at ISO 1600 and 3200 quite a bit. Everyone always wants one more stop, but the two extra stops in the 7D would be very useful.

I know it depends on a lot of factors, I'm just trying to get an idea...

  • Do you think the 7D ISO 6400 has about the same quality as the 30D ISO 1600?
  • Or is it more like the 7D ISO 1600 is about the same quality as the 30D ISO 1600 but you can go up to 12800 ISO, with even worse quality than the 30D ISO 3200?

It's really useful when review sites show the same photos taken with different cameras, but I can only find that going back to the 50D (can compare ISO quality for 7D and 50D, not the 30D). Thanks for any info / opinions.

Until earlier this year I was using the 30D as a backup to the 7D; recently I swapped the 30D for 50D.  The 7D is much better at high ISO.  I can't say definitively how many stops better it is, just my subjective opinion from shooting with the 30D as a primary camera for a few years before upgrading to the 7D.

On top of that, however, the 7D is better in many other ways:

  • File handling is much faster.  I occassionally ran up against the image buffer on the 30D; not so with the 7D.
  • Frame rate is obviously much faster. 
  • AF is faster, and better in low light.  There are many more AF options. 
  • Wireless flash, although not radio controlled as on the 6D, is still far more convenient than the 30D which had no wireless flash capability built-in. 
  • Larger LCD
  • 100% viewfinder
  • Better weather sealing

...just to name a few.


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