Lens for landscape photography with Full Frame?

Started May 21, 2013 | Questions thread
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Level of understanding

As I read these points, I wonder just how much you know.

1. I have the 24-105. Love the picture quality, but want to see if I can get anything better.

2. I also have the Canon 50mm F1.8. Not that impressed with the color tones.

3. I'm planning to buy a Samyang 14mm. I've seen good reviews on it. The manual focus is something I'd prefer (I also own a Fujifilm X-E1 and am planning to use it with the Samyang).


We have not been told what your end result is, but for 16x20 or smaller prints of landscapes, you won't get anything better than the 24-105, used properly.

The comment about 50mm colors makes no sense. Digital photography is designed to allow tiny, tiny modifications in color, much more precise and much more easily than with dozens of different films.

But we don't know what form the image is in when you look at these colors that don't impress you. Prints? What kindofpaper? Computers? With calibrated monitors? What is the room light like?

And 14mm is awfully wide for landscapes. You need a huge print in order to get elements in a landscape big enough to actually see.

ANYWAY: the just-discontinued 35mm f2 lens is great for so-called full frame landscapes.


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