Get back 'Save As...' in Mountain Lion exactly as it was in Snow Leopard

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Re: 'Save As...' noirdesir and Andy...the ultimate fix... soon I hope ! :-)

noirdesir wrote:

c.hammett wrote:

c.hammett wrote:

At some point, I will get up my nerve to use Andy's  "Terminal fix".  But today isn't the day, and tomorrow isn't looking so good either.  What I would like to know is what the Save options are when you do set the terminal as you describe ?

It will show the folder you last saved a document into, ditto for the compact (only the dropdown menu) vs expanded view (resembling a Finder window with its sidebar). In other words, exactly like it was in 10.6.8.

When I disconnected Docs and Data from iCloud, The "Save As" window  showed  the same options that were there in "Save", defaulting to iCloud, which I no longer had connected.  So unchecking Docs and Data got me nowhere.

Did you restart Pages? And did actually navigate to a folder and save a document there? The first time after a change of either iCloud Documents & Data setting or the Terminal command, it seems to reset to ~/Documents.

So what do you see in the "Save As" window with the terminal set as you describe ?

First screenshot: 'Terminal' not set, Documents & Data checked

Second screenshot: 'Terminal' not set,  Documents & data unchecked

Third screenshot: 'Terminal' set and Documents & Data checked

Thanks so much for these screen shots.  I can see that changing Terminal is what I should do to fix this "Save / Save As" annoyance.

For you guys who understand and work with the guts of computers, this is a no-branier, but for me it is major surgery.   For a few more days,  I'm going to try to get used to the situation as it exists, until I get a new tech to do this for me.  After 20 years of using Macs, I am very conversant with using them, but not with fixing them.   I'm just not quite ready  to get into this right now.  I hope you guys will understand, and know how much I appreciate having this "ultimate fix" at the ready when I wake up one morning with "nerves of steel" .  

Not quite ready, but working on it !  


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