rebel or 6d? for all round photography

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Re: rebel or 6d? for all round photography

mariadc wrote:

soapstar wrote:

will be very interested to here how the sl1 stacks up against the 6d. I have a 70-300 is, that thing is so light and easy to handle its almost toy like. I can see that lens on the sl1 making an awesome travelzoom.

This is the best comparison I have right now.  These shots were taken just minutes apart (don't go by the time on the SL1 - I haven't set it), same distance away.

Due to the cropped sensor on the SL1, the 6D shot is cropped at 66.67%, and the SL1 shot is cropped at 50%.

I think the ISO (Auto ISO) and aperture differ slightly but are similar.

Other settings:

on that comparison its slam dunk to the 6d. Strange how the sl1 went for higher iso AND lower shutter speed.

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