Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

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Re: Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

Here Ansel Adams is discussing true perspective. Generally photographer as an artist should predominantly care about the perception of his picture by the viewer.   PERCEPTION!

The distance between camera and subject and the lens focal length are critical factors affecting linear perspective. This perspective changes as the camera position or viewpoint changes. From a given position, changing only the lens focal length, and not the camera position, does not change the actual viewpoint, but in most cases changes the apparent viewpoint.

The use of different focal-length lenses in combination with different lens-to-subject distances helps you alter linear perspective in your pictures to a greater extent than it would be possible in real life only by changing the actual viewpoint.Very often changes in focal length change the apparent viewpoint in a way that cause dramatic changes in perception of perspective. Try fisheye lens.

This is only an illusion but photography as an art is all about illusions!

Therefore, the lens focal length is an extremely important factor affecting the perception of perspective in your pictures.

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