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DJF77 wrote:

If low light is your priority,  why not pick up a used Fuji X100? You'll get one for the same price (if not lower than an RX100), what you'll also get is a much bigger APSC sensor with amazing lowlight ability and a reasonably fast F2, pin sharp lens. You will lose the zoom and will have to suffice with a fixed 35mm eq focal length.... just a thought.

Absolutely fanastic suggestion, great camera, exactly the kind of images I'm looking for.  A few concerns with *this* one though, that I wouldn't have specified above:

Hey, that's what I said 2 posts up!

3.  I know he gets flamed on here alot, but Ken Rockwell says the Fuji X100 is *not* for beginners.  And gives some details as to why.  I am definitely a beginner and am beginning to wonder if even the RX100 is too much (see DPanno's post).

If you can point the camera and press the shutter you are qualified to use the x100. You can keep it in full auto and reap the benefits of using new technology that matches your task. If you decide to take a more active hand in the control of the camera the x100 up to the task and is far more responsive than most cameras (main controls are external, easy to see rather than multi click-menu driven alternatives).

When it was released the x100 was a nightmare. It has changed dramatically. Rockwell's review may not account for this.

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