Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

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Re: Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

I use Aperture to manage my photos. My backup procedures are as follows:

1. Images are imported into Aperture and initially stored in the library. (copy 1)

2. My main drive is cloned to a bootable backup nightly. (copy 2)

3. My main drive is backed up to Time Machine. (copy 3)

4. I periodically (once a week or so) export images as full size JPEGs to SmugMug (copy 4)

Once the images are past a few months old, I migrate them to referenced masters:

1. Referenced masters are on a second internal drive in my laptop. (new copy 1)

2. A complete copy of my referenced masters are on an external HD (new copy 2)

(the above 2 steps happen at the same time, before I have overwritten my cloned drive)

3. The referenced master folder is burned to DVD (copy 5).

I am going to start using CrashPlan to backup my raw images to a computer at work so I have an off site copy of my raw images. (copy 6).

The first three copies are performed automatically. The weakness in my process is that (currently) the process of getting them offsite is a manual step. Adding CrashPlan to the mix will make that automatic also.

Now I have to figure out a better way to manage the videos that are beginning to accumulate....

Currently those are copied to 2 external drives at home.

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