Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Absolutely not true ...

Antioch wrote:

Educational Use is exempt from Copyright Laws. Otherwise, nobody would be able to learn anything.

The key is that it is used for educational purposes, and not resold etc.


This would be huge news at schools and universities. For better or worse, educational use is most definitely not exempt from copyright laws.

With textbook prices routinely over $100 a pop, and sometimes even $200, you can bet textbook publishers are going to defend copyright laws until their last breath.  Not to mention scholarly journals, you'd be astonished at the subscription fees. Those publishers would made Adobe blush.

There's quite an interesting and lucrative business where, for a fee, a custom publisher will put together packets of reading materials, pay whatever licensing fees are relevant, clear copyright on figures and data, and deliver them to the students. And its not cheap.

The 'fair use' doctrine does allow for the limited use of copyrighted materials. But it is actually quite limited, like a instructor copying a single figure from a book to distribute to a single class.  Here's a typical set of university guidelines for fair use -- see how restrictive they are?

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