Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

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Re: Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

jrkliny wrote:

I believe I was the one who used the term perspective.  To me it seems clear that different focal length lenses can alter the perspective in an image.  It, therefore, seemed clear that plugin was wrong.  Intuitively I just knew plugin was wrong.  Unfortunately I am the one who was wrong and my intuitive understanding of the issue was wrong.  A little online research clearly shows that perspective does not vary with the focal length of the lens but the variation is due to the position of the camera in relation to the objects.

Certainly wide and ultrawide lenses are powerful tools, but they do not alter true perspective.

I didn't have a lot of problem with your original post. With a wide angle or ultrawide lenses, you do have to be aware of your subject distance and its affect on perspective.

But, I was impressed to see this post. It takes a big man to admit that you were wrong.

I'm not sure why you are always so angry at Canon. I've been to your site and you have taken wonderful photographs with your Canon gear.

Keep taking beautiful images and be happy.

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