My D800 after Nikon service shows great AFA diviation

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Re: My D800 after Nikon service shows great AFA diviation

AZBlue wrote:

Gil1980 wrote:

Hi all,

I shipped my D800 to calibrate and fix it's left focus issue which was confirmed to have that know bug.

I sent the camera together with my 14-24mm and the 80-200mm f/2.8 [...]

Um, sorry to pick on you but...

When you send lenses and camera body to Nikon for calibration, they will calibrate the camera to the lenses you sent them. Of course this calibration would not apply to any other lenses.

Actually, I thought that the standard procedure was to calibrate to a "golden standard" lens that all Nikon repair shops are supposed to have? Earlier, I believe they used a "golden" 50mm f/1.4 at f/2.8 for the calibration -- a lens which had been calibrated earlier to a known standard by Nikon (Japan?). Others have reported this too (e.g. post 82).

Once they have calibrated the body, they can tweak the lenses to the body.

Some (or most?) of this happens by updating camera and lens parameter tables that are stored in either the camera or in the lens, inaccessible to normal users.

I may be completely wrong, of course! A lot of this is based on "knowledge" and experiences I've read, and/or picked up when talking to a "random" Nikon repair guys in one particular shop.

I guess someone with a copy of the service manual should be able to tell us what the standard procedures should be at the repair shop

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