What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

Ok so here's the perspective of someone looking to buy a Nikon DSLR: The first decision I made when setting out to buy a new camera was that I wanted to get an FX camera. I did not begin by deciding between an "amateur" or "pro" body. I thus think that the forums should be organised along these lines as this is by far the more real and important difference.
I realise of course that not everybody looks at camera hardware forums for the sole purpose of getting information about buying a camera. But this presumably constitutes at least some of the reason for the forums existence (there are other forums for lenses and techniques etc).
Having decided to go FX, I'm currently choosing between a D600 and a D800 and it's helpful to have these organised together.
Just my 2 cents and just one demographic (potential buyers)!

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