Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

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Re: Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

I have just bought a 60D body as you may have seen from my own post to this forum, I kept my 18-55 kit lens which came with my 1100D. I love this lens it does all I want for the moment and I have taken (well I think I have taken) some great landscapes with it. I use Microsoft ICE to stitch multiply photographs together and Paint Shop Pro to PP them. I try to keep the 18-55 in it's sweet spot which is about F9 - about F12 and set at 35mm roughly it's not always possible and it's not the end of the world if it's not. (I am sure there are others on here that will keep you right regard that though).

Here are a some of mine using Microsoft ICE (Free to download I might add).

Hope this helps, I am no expert but whatever you choose have a great time on holiday!


Might add all these are either two or three photographs stitched together using Microsoft ICE, taken with my 1100D and my 18-55mm, cropped to what I thought made the best of the photograph and pp'ed in Paint Shop Pro X5.

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