Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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stealing , no, fair use, yes

And in  most country, the use of material in this manner ( non profit, education, editorial ) came under the fair use bracket. But also it usually dictate that the origin and credit readily displayed ( meaning you have to tell on the photo caption where it came from and who had the copyright to it ). Even netiquette require that anyway.

If you do not credit, then its consider a copyright theft and its stealing and its plain wrong.

I have twice has this happened to me, some of my photo over at flickr interest comeone and he/she ask for permission to use them for editorial ( on line blog ) use. To be honest I do not expect any money made on those and I am grateful that they ask first so I grant them usage for that purpose alright.

Now it might or might not be convenient for you to ask first, that must be your judgement, but use tools like google image search, tin eye, and CC search ( creative common ) I think its highly possible that you can easily find alternatives that are out there and about ( if you are denied the request upon asking )

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