Wife Dropped My 2 Week Old RX100 :(

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Re: Wife Dropped My 2 Week Old RX100 :(

I'm the sort of person who buys and iPhone and after 2 years sells it on and can describe it is "looks new", so any scratch on my RX100 is going to really upset me.  Even though I have accidental damage cover on it.  The cover does not cover cosmetic damage though - but in this case the funtion is impared, so hopefully all scratched parts will be replaced making it look new again.

Having a better grip on it wouldn't have helped in this case, but in future I think I'll make sure my wife doesn't get her hands on it ever again.  To think she suggested selling our 3 year old "looks new" HX5V, saying we don't need two cameras.  I think she just proved that we do!!!!  She previously lost a Panasonic DMC-FX150 of mine leaving it in a planetarium.  That was a really decent camera at the time too.

Keeping the camera as is and not using the front ring isn't an option for me - I just couldn't live with an imparied product.

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