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Re: TrustConnect gives you a secure connection...

Hello Jim, thanks for your comprehensive reply. Much appreciated.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Visualist wrote:

Is this as good or the same as Comodo's original "secure DNS" which was originally offered as a free service?

One has nothing to do with the other.

SecureDNS is Comodo's DNS server offering, and it's still free.  You don't even need to install anything to use it.  Basically, you can just plug in their DNS addresses into your router and any PC connected to your local network will use them by default.

Or, you can plug in the DNS addresses on a local PC if you prefer to do it that way instead.

No doubt I was unclear in my OP. When mobile, I am connecting to my 4G cellular modem & my service provider via wpa2 personal aes using a substantial pass phrase so I'm not too insecure atm. As I understand it though, adding a VPN connection will add an extra layer of security.

Basically, the DNS servers perform lookups of any web addresses you're accessing to find the associated IP addresses in order to connect to those web sites (and you may have a lot of addresses to other sites on a given page you're loading because some of the content is being pulled from other sites, meaning lots of lookups via the DNS servers).

I read that there is a loss of approx 15 - 20% speed loss using a VPN. That would vary I suppose depending on where/who the connection is with. I will have to look into it some more.


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