RX100 concerns...

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Re: RX100 concerns...

dood77 wrote:

Hey there, I'm a complete photography novice but am looking for an upgrade to my 10 year Olympus Stylus 300.

Very important is good pictures in low light, which my cell phone and the Olympus really cannot do

I considered a compact interchangeable lens system, but probably would never even buy another lens, and I am in no way ever going to carry a camera bag.  If I ever decided to go this route, I'd probably go full dSLR, but it will probably never happen.

All I ever wanted was something that made great pictures in low light.  I really want it simple, and don't need anything else.  All of my searching has led me to the RX100, although it is probably actually waaay more camera than I need.  But it seems to have better low light ability then say Canon s100/s110, fuji xf1/x20, etc., etc.  I suppose I might ever actually convert a RAW file to a real picture on my computer but would probably use almost exclusively the jpegs made by the camera, and maybe I'd print a picture out now and then, but I really am just looking for something that makes great photos to put on web, send to friends/family, screensaver etc.

So my concerns with the RX100:

1.  20 megapixels is going to use up a TON of hard drive space.  I really don't need all these megapixels.  I am guessing I can turn down the megapixels on the camera e.g. to 12 to take photos-- will this significantly affect the image quality of an online image?  e.g., on this website and others there are sample images from this camera that on my computer screen are like 4 x 6 inches, and the RX100 images beat images from other cameras even at 4 x 6 on my computer screen.  Is it necessary to have the 20 mp to do this?

2.  Even with my 10 year old Olympus stylus 3 mp camera, I typically shrink photos to 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 on photoshop (like a 10 year old version of photoshop) prior to sending them-- nobody wants to open ten 20 mp images through their email, if it's even possible to send such a thing.  Would shrinking the images down on e.g. photoshop eliminate the high picture quality I am buying the camera for in the first place?

3.  Said differently, by the time I might take images at e.g. 12 megapixels, then shrink to 1024 x 768, would I just be better off with some $100 Nikon coolpix (which of course wouldn't perform as well in low light!-- you see my struggle).

Please go easy I have been researching but am a complete photography noob so any help is appreciated.


Much thanks for all the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly input from everyone in these threads... truly impressive!

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