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Re: I Do Not Recommend Downsizing Your Pictures

Edmund Dorf wrote:

My goal is to produce the best quality photos I can. I do not worry about space used by the files. As someone said a few posts above, hard drives are cheap these days. I just ordered a 4 TB drive from Newegg for $150.00. I can put a lot of pictures and a lot of videos on that drive.

I was looking at photos recently that I took at my high school reunion in 2000. I believe they were 2 megapixels and that was state of the art back then. I sure am glad that at least I have the original 2 megapixel photos and did not try to save space by downsizing them.

Whatever camera you end up with, I suggest striving for the best quality photos and videos that it can produce and not to try to save space on your hard drive by downsizing them.

Let us know what you decide.

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Hey there, thanks.  I think if that is the standard then yes I could simply buy more hard drive space.  Not too much trouble on that one now that I think about it...

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