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Re: I Do Not Recommend Downsizing Your Pictures

DavieK wrote:

Most web images only need JPEGs, and the RX100 has some very good features when you switch it to shoot JPEGs, and these only get better if you decide you can be happy with smaller files. You have a choice between 20M, 10M and 5M in JPEG size.

First of all, you can shoot RAW+JPEG and select 5M. This produces about as large a JPEG as you will need for any web posting, and a raw file you can process if you need to.

But this locks out CLEAR IMAGE ZOOM and DIGITAL ZOOM. You get these if you shoot JPEG only. Why have two types of digital zoom in addition to 3.7X optical zoom? The answer is that the first stage, CLEAR IMAGE ZOOM, works by making a larger interpolation directly from the raw data, something that is significantly better than a simple digital zoom which just blows up the image. You get 2X additional zoom using this, so the lens is extended to go to 200mm equivalent, and you can actually get useful 20M files, perfect 10M files and exquisitely sharp 5M.

So, set 10M or 5M and this function, and you get a far more versatile camera for your web shots which will outperform anything else on several fronts.

If you also enable the second option, DIGITAL ZOOM, you get a further 2X - taking the lens to a 400mm equivalent. This also maintains the full file size, and it really is not worth doing at 20M. But at 5M size it's near-perfect, just a little softer than the exceptional sharpness the camera is capable of.

So, if you want web images, use the fast FUNCTION button to switch to JPEG only, have your image size set to 5M, have the zoom functions enabled, and you get a great versatile camera. Switch back to RAW and you lose the zoom extension but get exhibition quality files you can process for prints at 20 x 30".

Finally, when using JPEG only, you can have DRO+ enabled (it also works with raw on the RX100 but only affects the JPEG preview, or simultaneous JPEG). This function corrects and tames many small exposure errors or lighting problems. JPEGs made with DRO+ enabled (try Level 3 manual, or Auto, for natural looking results) are often as good as the best you could manage from raw conversion.

It's your decision whether or not to shoot, or keep, big files. The RX100 is many cameras rolled into one.


Cool this makes the camera less daunting!

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