I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

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A note for the Bernster Meister...

Like you I am pleasantly surprised/impressed with the Fuji X system. Both lenses and sensor work to do their magic quite well indeed, it's really both.

I just took a couple of portraits yesterday that the detail in B&W just blew me away. Wasn't expecting it and not need to sharpen, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to mention- as good as the Fuji JPEGS are, I notice I can still eek out a bit more with Capture One 7- so I suggest you give it a try.  You can download it for a free trial (full features, 60 days) and the Express version ($99 USD) entry level tier has most of what you need for pro conversions anyway using the same engine.

Of course the JPEGS are still fantasic, and using the right color simulations can go a very long way.  If you want a more "Olympus looking" JPEG try ProNegHi/ProNegLo.  Using a lot of Astia lately which gives a bit of punch in color while keeping some nice tonal range.

I have noticed a few more rare cases of slight color smear that Capture one can do away with and also of course, more control of highlight recovery, etc, though the JPEG engine of Fuji sure gives you a lot of control here too.

Totally agree with you the current zoom lens is definitively not "a kit lens" in that sense of the expression.

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