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Re: 8-bit vs 14 bit/colour ...

Ah, the never ending discussion about JPEG vs. RAW

I guess my note was a bit sloppy, and came across a bit unclear. I was trying to say this:

your final product is typically a JPEG file. It may originate as a RAW, 12-14 or 16 bit, but it is eventually at one stage converted to 8-bit JPEG file, which also suffers lossy compression. Thus at some stage this "loosing quality" has to happen. Now assuming a perfect in camera JPEG processing engine, and a perfect external RAW software the end product would be the same: two 8-bit JPEG files. BUT... of course "perfect" in camera engines do not exists, and there is no "perfect" software either. Additionally having both JPEG and RAW files for the same picture may allow for some special effects otherwise clumsy to do in the camera.

In practical terms Fujifilm in camera JPEG engine is currently the best. Due to non Bayer matrix pattern external software RAW processing is good, but not as mature as processing of other conventional Bayer RAWs. I would venture saying that today one is better served using Fujifilm out of camera JPEGs for vast majority of photos (this is NOT a general advice for other cameras!).

BTW, not only I never suggested that RAW is dead, but I am also not Ken Rockwell fan

PS: for readers curious about the issue this is probably the best explanation, much better then what you were reading here so far:


cheers, wayfarers

deednets wrote:

wayfarers wrote:

Yes, modern JPEGs and RAWs have limited dynamic range when compared to human eye. This is one area which is being improved in the sensors, generation after generation, still a long way to go. However assuming that in camera conversion does its job correctly (and Fuji currently has the best JPEG engine) full dynamic range the sensor was able to record will be present in both JPEG and RAW files. Thus no external software will be able to improve dynamic range beyond what the sensor recorded, unless it extrapolates and guesses. Obviously you are correct if in camera JPEG engine is poor - not the case with Fuji.

There is actually quite a big difference between RAW and JPG. jpg in camera are, if I understand this right, recorded in 8-bit mode per colour channel whereas Fuji RAW files are recorded in 14-bit mode. That is 6 bit/channel more - or 64 times the colour information of the jpg.

This is in your opinion the same??

It seems that there is a lot of mis-information regarding RAW files vs JPG around. Maybe I haven't understood this to the full extend eitehr but I can see on my screen that there is a dramatic difference between those file formats when converted.

JPG the future, RAW is dead, right?



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