It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

Pjjava34 wrote:

With all the zoom lovers and haters duking it out, I still can't get anyone to tell me their experience with the 35mm and OSS. Does it help with video, is it noticeable?
I plan on shooting 20-30 second clips as I film birthday parties for kids and edit pics/movie clips with music.

Would I benefit more from the Touit IQ w/o OSS (given I have 3 less mm of FL or would short clips with 35mm OSS be far more usable?
I wouldn't be using a tripod on these shorter clips, but do have a Zacuto Z finder braced against my face which with my Sel50 gives very stable short clips.
I'm wondering how much is OSS helping me as I've never used a non stabilized lens or camera.


Speak of the Devil!

I was actually just shooing today at the park with OSS on/off. It will absolutely make a difference. Shutter speeds may apply of course. People who spend $1000 on non stabilized lens will just say they have better technique and its not needed but for 35mm + you really do. Video alone will make a huge impact, I watched a short video I'm fond of that used Zeiss and Sigma lens but after using OSS I can tell that video REALLY could have used it

Here are some crops I did, first is at 1/80 shutter, barley any difference. Next is a sign thats even further away shot at 1/30, BIG difference.

OSS on left, without on right.

328% crop, OSS on left, without on right.

Again, we will have people who say their technique is good enough to avoid this, but I urge its not true, eventually our hands will fail compared to OSS. You can, however, argue you don't care about the difference. The lower the light or the slower the shutter the more impact OSS can help preserve sharpness and avoid blur.

As for video you won't be doing cropping but it will make a big difference in smoothness.

I have Touit 32 on order for these type pictures, maybe not much video even though it will be quite capable.

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