Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

Started May 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jeff Veteran Member • Posts: 5,087
No, this is not correct!

DenWil wrote:

Why would anyone post thousands of images on sites like flick'r if they had an issue with repurposing for non profit usage? It's a free stock site for all comers.

This is not correct. Flickr most definitely is not a 'free stock site for all comers.'

Look under the 'Additional Info' area for each photo and you should see the owner's copyright notice, if there is one. Even if there isn't one, since 1989 the US has not required copyright notices. So the basic assumption should be that the is photo is copyrighted unless there is a specific statement saying otherwise.

There are exceptions, including the fair use doctrine and various situations under which the photo may be in the public domain. But for nearly all situations (99.999%), the photos in Flickr are almost always under copyright to the owners.

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