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Re: Need help with Photoshop Elements

Laryb wrote:

Hello everyone...While I am not really a beginner, I do have a question regarding this program. I am using an Olympus em-5 camera and set at highest jpg setting. When I load pics to computer and bring into PE at the bottom it says image size is 64x48 inches. Why so large? Am I supposed to resize everything? I am self taught so likely a simple answer coming. When I fit image to screen it says jpg @ 14.5%. If I blow up to 100% its total garbage. Thanks for any help...larry

The size in inches is a calculated value (by PSE) and really has no meaning as the previous poster said.  When it comes to image size, the only numbers that matter are the pixel dimensions which are expressed in width and height, i.e. 3000 pixels wide X 2000 pixels high.  The inches display confuses a lot of people.  At one time inches may have been useful for printing, but printer software lets you set the print size in inches so the PSE inches are irrelevant.  You can accidently throw away resolution by messing with the inches, so ignore them.

The reason PSE says 14.5% is because PSE has to zoom out to fit the image on your screen.  The amount PSE zooms out is based on your camera resolution settings and your monitor resolution settings.  PSE automatically figures out what zoom fits best on your screen so it's not something you need to worry about.  When you zoom to 100% you're seeing the image produced by the camera at full size.  You said your images look like total garbage at 100% view.  Go to the samples page for your camera: (I believe this is it)

Click on an image, find the "available sizes" links, and click original.  The samples will show you what a properly focused and properly exposed image should look like at 100% view.  If your images look considerably worse, one option is to crop out a small section of your photo and post it to the forum for your camera.  Just say "here's a 100% crop, what did I do wrong?"

Always backup the original file and edit a copy.  Do all of the editing at full resolution (even if that means zooming out to do much of your editing).  Use the full resolution image file for printing.  For displaying on the internet, make a copy and only at this point should you change the image size (of the copy).  Make the longest dimension something like 1000 pixels.


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