Mixing Strobes and Speedlites

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Re: Mixing Strobes and Speedlites

The most cost effective way to mix the two is to just turn on the built-in optical slave on the Bees or Einstein. When your speedlite fires, the Einstein (Bees) will fire.


TGM123 wrote:


I am likely going to buy an Alienbees B800 or Einstein E6400 (Paul C Buff strobes) as I am starting to slowly build my strobe set up and associated experience. I currently am using a Canon 7D and 550EX flash for my on- and off-camera lighting work.

I would like to understand what options I have to use both the 550EX and Buff strobes together to leverage a two light set-up in the interim until I by additional strobes. I don’t mind using manual for all of the lighting configurations and would like to do it as cost effectively as possible. I have had minimal luck using the 7D as a master and the 5D as a slave as I do most of my work outdoors and the bright sunlight interferes. The Buff strobes all come with a PC cable that I can trigger the strobes with but I am not sure if I can also use a hotshoe mounted cord (e.g. OCFGear.com) to trigger the 550EX in addition to the PC cable. Will this work? Are there other options for doing this?



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