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Re: Pushed jpg PP

kelpdiver wrote:

brianj wrote:

Here's one for those that say you cannot PP a jpg for WB, contrast, brightness, tone curve, sharpness, saturation or any other parameter.  Anything can be adjusted in jpg PP so long as you stay within the jpg limits.

Here is an example PP from a normal daylight shot:

Well, at least it wasn't a full lit, blue skies ISO 100 shot like every other example trumpeted out to show that JPEG is equal to the task (it's not)  But you're showing art, not 'as it is seen' photography, so I have trouble seeing this image as proving much of anything.

This example was only to show that there is a lot of latitude available to adjust jpg images, an ability that seems to be lost on todays raw fixated people.

The obvious point where WB comes up is indoor lighting photography.  Even the SLRs blow at this with AWB, the compacts don't do any better.  And no, you can't fix this in PP.  I spent many nights trying to save yellow shots.   It takes 20 seconds in LR or DPP.  Same with underwater shots without a strobe - lot of blue.   Sometimes if there is enough non blue, it can be saved with simple levels changes, but often it's no joy.  If your camera allows manual WB settings, you could avoid some of this, but I can't be troubled to constantly update this when I already have a solution that doesn't slow me down.

Any WB can be adjusted within limits as I said, if its beyond the jpg limits then the original WB at the time of taking is very poor and needs to be addressed at that time.

Highlight recovery is another spot where the 8bit jpeg is clearly inferior.  And if your answer is to shorten the exposure, then you introduce other problems, particularly on Canon sensors where shadows tend to carry more noise.  I want the primary subject exposed correctly, and then grab back the highlights in the clouds so it's not just a big white blowout.

I use canons Icontrast to widen DR, but this comes at the expense of increased ISO, but I am willing to tolerate this within limits to retain simplicity with the use of jpg.  Life is full of compromises, this is just one minor one.

As for noise reduction - speciality cpus can do better these days, but at the heart of it, it's still a low powered processor that needs to be fast.  It's not going to beat a 3 ghz processor that has the luxury of time and multiple methods.  The tradeoff usually means loss of detail.

The detail that is lost can only be detected either by zooming in on a very large screen or by printing large, and I do neither of these things.

The best thing that can be said for the in camera processing is that Canon can put in all the fixes for that built in lens which is full of compromises.  Without this, the RAW image can look drab next to the fixed, saturated, noise reduced JPG image.

Yes I agree, it makes a very compromised lens into a marvel.

Someone earlier spoke of software dependency and the risk of not being able to read it later.  Total non issue - keep your Canon DPP disk and you're set for life.  (and even if you lose it, you'll be able to find it online)   You're at much greater risk of losing your data images than the means to read and process them.

Good point but I have never used it.


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