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Re: Macrium Reflect Free - Restoring to a smaller drive

skyglider wrote:

But I'm unable to boot from the restored drive.  After post, the boot just hangs up with a black screen.  Why should it do that?  It doesn't appear that partition-5 is necessary to boot into Win8.  I'm wondering if omitting partiton-5 did not allow the restore to really complete and write some boot record or something.

This raises a BIG question.  If the 1TB spinner fails and is replaced by a different brand/model 1TB spinner, what if the new drive's capacity is slightly smaller than the original drive?  Seems that the restore would refuse to include partiton-5 and maybe end up with the same black screen hang on boot up?

I currently don't have a good feeling about Reflect Free.  Any ideas?


Came across this post from an external search, its 4 months old now.

Did you happen to do the restore operation with your original HD containing the original OS still in the machine?  If so, you'll probably need to do a registry edit to get it to boot.

What happens is this:  The new partition you did the restoration to was assigned a drive letter other than C: because the original disk was present and already assigned as the C: partition.  So let's say it got assigned the letter K: and you did the restoration.  In the registry the letter K: is now assigned to the serial number of that hard drive, and it remembers it when you boot with the new drive.  It wants to assign C: to the boot partition, but the remnants in the registry telling it that the partition is K: and not C: confuses the boot process and it hangs.

If you go into the registry and remove those K: references then it might boot.  I say might because I've never used Macrium to restore to a smaller partition, so I'm not 100% sure it will do so without error in the first place.

Sorry, but I can't tell you exactly where in the registry to make the edits, as I've never had this problem, but read about it on other forums.  There's just a few entries to change, its not a big deal, hopefully you can find out about it with another web search.

The preferred way to restore an OS partition like you did is to remove the original hard drive from the machine first, then restore to the new drive all by itself, which will avoid the K: letter issue altogether.  When it sees that you restored the active boot partition, it will assign C: references to it without conflict because the other drive is not in the machine any more.  then when you boot everything should be where its expected and a successful boot will result.

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