SILKYPIX Pro 5 for Panasonic cf. RawTherapee 4.0 & Fine Quality JPEG - FZ50 Resolution & IQ vs. ISO

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Re: Interesting, but how about ACR? - for fPrime

J C Brown wrote:

With regard to how your optimized ACR/PS conversion compares to the RawTherapee conversion, in terms of the smallest Es which can be easily recognised as Es, the resolution of the ACR 6.7 crop is to my eyes slightly lower than either of the RawTherapee versions in which the individual pixels are more clearly defined. In both of the RawTherapee versions the space between the letters and rows has a more granular appearance.

Compared to the ACR v 6.7 version it appears to me that the resolution of both the SilkyPix Pro 5 versions is slightly lower with more noise in the background.

However as the balance between resolution, sharpness and noise in any particular image is very much a matter of personal preference I will leave to others to examine the crops in my gallery and reach their own conclusions.

As I believe the detailed methods you used to process the 400 ISO RAW image from my FZ50 would be of considerable interest to other members of this forum I think it would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time to describe these in some detail.


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J C Brown

Thanks for posting these comparisons, Jimmy.

Unfortunately, I'm finding it really difficult to judge detail versus noise in these by looking only at crops of the center because that particular portion of the image is pure highlight area.  The level of noise remaining after noise reduction is best compared in mid-tone and shadow areas, but these can only be assessed if we can also look at the full image showing the tripod and the green mat surrounding the target.  I dialed in a moderate amount of noise reduction for my ACR/PS edit to get the detail/noise balance right across the whole image.  If I had to guess, I'd venture that lighter (or less effective) noise reduction in the RawTherapee file could account for most of the perceived resolution advantage.

All this being said, my ACR/PS RAW process isn't rocket science.  I use generally accepted "best practices" in combination with "best in class" tools for noise reduction, sharpening, and distortion correction.  Although I can certainly describe this with regards to how I processed your FZ50 RAW file, it might be better if I describe it in a separate posting as to how I apply it to my LX3.  With that camera I've got the exact ISO break points and image processing settings better established and that might be more definitive for the forum.


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