Why I chose 6D over D600

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Re: Why I chose 6D over D600

d3xmeister wrote:

Wow, that's good news. It cannot match the 5D Mark III however becuase the SD card slot. It will probably have much lower resolution on the final stable release. The interesting thing is that even a much lower resolution RAW could be much better even at resolution than the standard 1080p. Unfortunately RAW trough HDMI is not possible according to ML.

We should mention a AA filter is available for the 6D to help get rid of aliasing and moire..

Yes it is very interesting but it seems that even at *RAW* levels the 5DMKIII is somehow different in its ability to be mostly moire free.  At first I thought it was purely due to pixel binning or descaling software algorithms but the RAW video hacks done so far seem to indicate that the 5DMKIII does natively do better with moire somehow.  This is interesting because perhaps due to my untrained eye I have not seen such a big difference in the DPReview studio shot.  But perhaps that comparison image is a poor test for moire...

The RAW resolution the 6D can *already* capture without frame skips is already impressive and sits between 720p and 1080p with an ease of being up-rezzed.  Some preliminary benchmarks put its write speed at around 40mbs per second vs other SDHC Rebels being half that.  5DMKIII however pulls in around 100mbs per second in write speed with 1000x CF cards.


I have my doubts that the 6D will make a breakthrough in write speeds above 40mbs.  The advantage of the CF card and the primary reason they are both larger and more expensive, is that the bus hardware/controller resides in the card.  While for SD cards the bus hardware/controller resides in the camera.

Either way however, the 6D by default will still get you nice 1080p low-light video by default, and it can get you good RAW footage as well, but the 5DmkIII easily still has the most versatility with its CF slots.

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