OMD Shutter shock revisited...and a possible solution inside!

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OMD Shutter shock revisited...and a possible solution inside!

I know, the issue has been beaten to death on this forum. However, I think I have some new information interesting to bring to the table. (disclaimer: no Alumna Gorp wanted here. This thread's purpose is to try to help people, not tell them that they don't know how to use their camera).

Many explanation have been given to try to explain the shutter shock, and I won't try to give another one. That's not my point. However, as an OMD user, I must say that once you know that issue is there, it's hard to overlook it. And to me, the 1/8 shutter delay does not sound like a nice solution. Sure, it works very well most of the time, but I don't feel like dealing with the shutter delay.

A fellow member, Lars Henrik Oern, made an interesting observation: "The shutter shock has to do with the mass of the camera. Does anybody have Shutter Shock problem with the extra grip combo (HLD-6) from Olympus ??"

Indeed, I was thinking the same thing. I don't really know the technical explanation for this, but it seems like the mass of the camera enters into some kind of resonance when the shutter actuates between 1/60 and 1/160 of a second. When weight is added, the frequency of the resonance is changed as well. I would be grateful if someone more knowledgeable has an explanation.

Unfortunately, I don't have the HLD-6 at the moment. But I have an old flash bracket at my disposal. So I screwed it at the bottom of the OMD. I cannot tell you the weight of the bracket at the moment, I don't have a precision scales.

Basically, for this test, I shot with the OMD and the 45 1.8 (my most affected lens), handheld with shutter speeds of 1/80 or 1/100, IS 1 on.

I shot a couple of samples with the same settings from a heavy Manfrotto tripod (055 Xprob) and the results were basically perfect. No sign of blur. This does not mean that there is no issue, just that with this focal length, the problem is not visible.

Here are the results. I always shot two or three pictures in a row, to make sure the samples are representative.

Make sure to click "original" to see the differences. Those are all 100% crops.

The "magical bracket"

Without bracket.

With bracket

Without bracket

With bracket

Without bracket.

With bracket.

I think the results speak for themselves! The pictures with bracket are much sharper, even though there is still a hint of blur, but really nothing compare to without the bracket.

Now, I would like some people to confirm (or not) that the HLD-6 makes a difference for them.
If the grip solves the problem like my flash bracket, I think we've found an acceptable solution!



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