Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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tex wrote:

With "fair use", ALL materials not the product of the writer in an academic paper need to be sourced, and in better schools and higher grades this will be true.

First graders, however, are given a pass on this one on cognitive grounds.

The greater problem in fair use pertains to those media where sourcing is awkward at best.  There are no footnotes in a concerto, for instance, or a ballet.  It does seem to me, however, that source material is being better sourced by visual artists, gradually, in label copy and etc.  It's far, far, FAR, from a complete project, but it seems to be getting better (I work in a contemporary art museum, just for the record...).

Interestingly, I think, photographers are much more prickly about this than other visual artists, who often copy from each other pretty freely....

Yes, it is indeed odd how photographers seem to be more touchy than others on this point.

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