Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

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Re: Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

This is really strange, for a sort time I thought I had moved into an alternate universe. Seriously, I thought “everyone” knew that perspective is related to the position of the viewer and the objects and has NOTHING to do with the lens focal length.

I once saw an excellent discussion of this topic so thought I’d Google to try to find it. Much to my surprise, I found a few articles that appear to say (like the Photozone one), incorrectly, that perspective is due to the lens. I’m not devoting my life to the topic, but a quick glance through the articles showing the “perspective change” add, as a bit of an afterthought, that the photographer changes position. This afterthought, is of course the whole reason why the picture looks different.

Of course, in simple terms, most people grab a wide angle to “get the distortion” or “get more into the frame” or whatever, and don’t really worry about what is really going on. Being lazy, it’s all too easy to use the shortcut phrases “distortion” and “compression” when referring to WAs and telephotos without bothering to really figure out what is happening.

To the OP, I love the Canon 10-22, so much so it is my favourite lens. BUT, I like the wide angle effect, for which read: I like getting close to a subject, such that my close proximity “distorts” the picture. Some people don’t like the effect, so it’s something for you to think about. If you like pictures with the effect along the lines of the one below, go for the wide angle.

You can of course, simply use them for a straight forward landscape picture, to “get more in the frame” but the results can be disappointing if you don’t take care to do something interesting with the foreground.

Larry Wallis

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